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Thread: SV 360P and 4000 Ihub Emulation For Windows

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    Lightbulb SV 360P and 4000 Ihub Emulation For Windows

    New Router (Ihub emulator) for Sonicview

    PLEASE Give a Huge Thanks to jvvh5897, he was the one to investigate and finally suggest what changes were required to allow firmware to skip ihub test. Without his work/investigation the emulation could not take place.

    So THANKS jvvh5897

    c/p from jvvh5897

    Sorry guys I been having all sort of issues. But here I am.

    I will post ahead the Win32 version even when my goal is the router version. I could not make it work in the router with the latest changes.

    One thing, Sadly I have a personal situation with another forum. So to put some pressure on them this Beta version (jijijiji what a coincidence) will not work with their roq ket science. Sorry guys. But do not worry, I did not kill any one, in fact I do not even know what I did!. So it should be clear soon, I bet you!. So for those of you just sit and wait.

    Important. In order to work you need to place the files all together in a separate folder. If the program see there is missing something IT WILL NOT WORK. Yes even the readme.txt. That is the license. I am not kidding. If the program notice that either him self or the readme.txt is not as distributed It will not like it!! So if you do not want to get in trouble do not play with it.

    You can mod the ihub.cfg. In there you can set ONLY the IP address and Port for the Ethernet connection. The program is only a Serial to Ethernet Adapter Emulator. So you do not need to place any Server INFO like USER/PASS/DESKEY. So it is totally legal. If you intended to do I K S with it that info goes in the receiver. All the receivers IP address and port in the Network Menu will be ignore by the emulator. Just be sure that when you leave the Network Menu to ensure that the last windows shown is the one where you put the valid USER/PASS/DESS info. Failure to do that step will result in no connection because the receiver will use the data of the last network window open.

    I am placing the files in hotfile since in here I do not own the files and I can not delete them if I need it!

    End c/p

    sv 4000 load factory bin,
    load the SV4000_svlan_14_NoChk_only_rom bin
    hook to computer
    put in info to Network Menu on STB
    and run the sv102 from computer

    This is like, or equivalent to an Rq-sssp client for the SonicView 360P and 4000
    For those that have the box but don't have the dongles..

    Confirmed working on SV 360P at 7:40pm 25/05/13

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    Please, do not send me PM's with technical questions, use forum for it...

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