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Thread: WizHub Installation

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    Default WizHub Installation

    Thanks goes to Indimadator for this guide.

    GETTING STARTED (basic receiver with no add ons installed)

    Make a setup folder on your desktop to store file downloads & place a sub folder in it for backups.
    Download SV8K Factory bin & latest working bin file to your desktop then unzip them & place both in your setup folder
    Format your USB stick in PC Fat32 (64mb to 1gb best sizes)
    Copy & paste only the latest bin file in your setup folder to your formatted USB stick then safe remove usb stick.
    Put new batteries in remote & make sure to press "STB" button before using.
    With receiver unpluged connect your RG6 cable directly from Lnb or switch to the LNB IN port on receiver.
    Connect receiver to TV & power up receiver.


    Insert usb stick in receiver (with only the unzipped new bin file on it)
    Press Menu > side scroll to USB > select USB File List press OK > new file is highlit at top press OK > S/W Update press OK > wait for receiver to update S/W then press OK at reboot now prompt > when receiver has rebooted and comes back up hard reboot receiver at rear power switch (turn of rear switch wait 5 sec or so then turn back on)
    Thats it your done with upgrade, press menu side scroll to USB select Remove Device Safely press OK then remove usb stick after prompt then press Exit


    Menu > Dish Settings > press Fav button > select sat to scan press OK > make sure the correct sat is identified at top right then press red button to scan > when scan completes on that sat press Fav button select next sat press OK and red button scan it.......repeat for all sats then exit & save.

    Thats it you are now done with dish settings & scanning sats, now go to Menu > Settings > now setup all your settings for User Settings - A/V Settings - Time Settings -Parental Control & User Options. All setting are quite logical but if your not sure check on forum first.

    Now you can watch some TV and then its time to read some more in the guides & how to forum for further instructions for addons instalation and a host of other tips & tricks.


    1) Install your dish(s) outside. For DN point the dish to either 110W or 119W or both if you have a bracket all depend what kind of dish and lnb you are using also remember the 129 for HD channels
    2) Connect a cable to each round type LNB
    3) Connect the other end of the cables to a switch (only required if you have more than one LNB) Note what LNB & Satellite you connect to which switch number.
    4) From the switch connect a cable to your receivers Satellite In.
    5) Use a HDMI cable to connect your receiver to your TV
    6) Turn on your receiver
    7) Press OK to select English
    8) Press the Menu Key
    9) Select Install
    10) Select Dish Settings press OK
    11) You should now be at Dish Settings
    12) Press OK
    13) For 110W, scroll down until you reach X 110W
    14) Press the Blue button to Set Favourite and press OK
    15) Check you Signal and Quality
    16) If you used a switch use your down arrow key until you get do DiSEqC
    17) Use your side arrow until you reach the Port Number of 110W
    18) Press the Blue button for Blind Scan
    19) Your settings should be: Satellite = Current Satellite....Mode = Fast...Polarization = All
    20) Press OK
    21) After the scan is complete it OK to save your changes.
    22) Repeat Steps 8-21 for 119W 119.0W and select the DiSEqC for 119W
    25) On your computer insert a memory stick less than 1GB
    26) Format the memory stick for Fat32
    27) Download the latest ROM file onto your computer (see note c)
    28) Unzip the downloaded file
    29) Copy the unzipped file to your memory stick
    30) Insert your memory stick into the front of your receiver
    31) Press the Menu Key
    32) Use your arrow keys to you reach USB
    33) Press OK or select File List then press OK
    34) Select the current ROM File (see note d)
    35) Select S/W Update and Press OK
    37) After re-boot remove memory stick, press EXIT and watch TV

    this a regular dish setup for SV 8000 and dish setup 1000.2


    LNB type - OCS-DP
    LNB freq - 11250
    22khz - off
    LNB power - on
    transponder - 12224
    search option - all
    network search - on
    disqec - port 2
    motor -off
    legacy switch -off

    For 119,

    LNB type - OCS-DP
    LNB freq - 11250
    22khz - off
    LNB power - on
    transponder - 12239
    search option - all
    network search - on
    disqec - port 1
    motor -off
    legacy switch -off


    LNB type - OCS-DP
    LNB freq - 11250
    22khz - off
    LNB power - on
    transponder - 12282
    search option - all
    network search - on
    disqec - port 3
    motor -off
    legacy switch -off

    Installing a External Hard Drive

    1) On your computer format the drive for FAT32 (I'm using a 340GB external drive)
    2) Install the Hard Disk at your receiver with the USB cable plugged in the front and wait for the HD to boot
    3) Press the Menu Key
    4) Use our arrow key and select USB
    5) Select Scan Disk and Press OK
    6) Select Yes to Scan USB Drive (I believe this prepares the HD to work with the SonicView)
    7) Press OK to select Yes when the scan is complete

    To Record and Playback from Hard Drive
    1) Select the channel you wish to record
    2) Press the Red record button on your remote - you should see a record symbol on your screen
    3) When you want to stop recording press the Stop button on your remote
    4) Press OK to select Yes to stop the recording
    5) To review your recordings, press the Menu Key
    6) Use your arrow key to select USB
    7) Select File List and press OK
    8) Press OK to select SVHD_Video
    9) Use your up and down arrow keys to select the file you wish to watch and press OK
    10) Press OK for Playback
    11) Use your Pause or Stop keys to watch movie (see note g)

    To Install the 8PSK Module
    1) Make sure all cables are disconnected before continuing - Failure to do so can destroy your receiver
    2) Make a Jumper cable out of RG6 cable about 5 inches long and attach ends
    4) Reassemble the receiver and attaching all cables
    5) Install the jumper cable from the UHF Remote Antenna to the IF Out
    6) Power up the receiver
    7) Press the Menu Key
    8) Select the Install Menu
    9) Use your Up and Down arrow key and select External Module
    10) The External Module should be "Detected"
    11) Set Normal QPSK to "Built-in Tuner"
    12) Press Exit

    [B] Wiznet is no longer reguired. To update your wizhub, you only need to have the last updated file for your ird. After loading the latest file, the unit will reboot and automatically update the wizhub. [B/]
    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat forever

    Information used here is for Educational Discussion Only. I do not use or condone any use of third party software to hack encryption communication between any providers.

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    Default Re: WizHub Installation

    Excellent post and guide.
    Make a note.... most of this is dependent on your dongle being at version 2.2 or higher.If your not at at least 2.2, loading the new files in the described manner wont work.If your not at 2.2 or higher, you'll need to load the Svlan 43 file first with Wiz. Then you can load the latest bin to your receiver and when it ask to boot, click yes. When it comes back on you will see network adapter connected. Then you will see upgrading, do not touch until all of this is done. When it is done do a hard boot and when it comes on you will have hub at 4.12 and you can use it on any server you want.

    Good luck,

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