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Thread: Gargoyle-1.2.3-wfemu

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    Default Gargoyle-1.2.3-wfemu

    If you are using an X-FTA router, this is the revised Gargoyle code needed to support your Viewsat product.

    Sunbrother this is what you need to get you Vs ready for the x-fta.

    1) If you have an ultra: Obtain these three bins and put them on USB stick
    VS ultra v0146.PGM (factory bin)
    PFTAUSW-100322.PGM (the 322 bin)
    PFTAUSW-100320.PGM (the 320 bin)
    Same for ultra lite just the bins for it instead
    2) Connect the USB stick to the front USB port, fire up the STB
    3) Go to menu "System Information"-> "Receiver Upgrade" -> "USB"
    4) Navigate to the factory bin, select it, install
    5) Wait for it to finish and reboot. Sometimes it will sit there with 0000 on the front panel, press the remote power button if so (it's in softoff)
    6) Go to menu "System Information" -> "Factory Default" enter PIN, say yes
    7) Repeat steps 3-5 but with the "322" bin instead
    8) Go to menu "Installation" -> "Serial Setup" -> "Network S/W Upgrade" -> "Network S/W Version" and verify it comes back with "wfemu v0.1b" This verifies your serial connection and wfemu is ready
    9) Repeat steps 3-5 but with the "320" bin this time (yes, downgrade)
    10) Once you are back up with "320" set up your sats
    11) Go to a channel you know your IKS povider handles, watch TV.
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