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Thread: Use your XP laptop as a wireless bridge (No ICS)

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    Default Use your XP laptop as a wireless bridge (No ICS)

    Use your XP laptop as a wireless bridge (No ICS)
    Hi, after reading T1TTY's explanation on how to setup your NF using network connection wizard and/or Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), (which is explained well I might add) - I have another method of setting up an NFusion by plugging into a wireless laptop and bridging the network connections...which I personally think is an easier setup.

    I decided to document it in case someone else is in the same situation as I was:

    Your wireless router is in another room, but your wireless laptop is beside your NFusion. And you don't want to run a 50' network cable back to your router cause it's a pain in the ass... Here's a way to use your wireless laptop as an Internet bridge to your NFusion, thus providing your NF with internet access from your router.

    All you need is a crossover ethernet cable connecting your NFusion to your laptop. Assuming your laptop has a wireless connection setup already, go to the Control Panel, click on Network Connections. You should then see a list of your network connections, then select both your Local Area Connection (LAN) and your wireless connection by holding down the Ctrl key and left-clicking on them. Once they are both highlighted, right-click on one of them and choose the option that says "Bridge Connections". Follow the prompts to create a network bridge (next,next,next..)
    That will tell Windows to pass on any network services to and from both of your network connections, including the DHCP service that your NFusion is (by default) looking for from your router. Make sure there are no firewalls between the NF and your laptop as it may cause connection problems. Then turn on your NFusion and check the network settings to make sure you're getting an IP. This same method can be used in a static IP environment as well.

    I might also add that this method also provides you with being able to use your laptop as the IPPVR server at the same time, though I'm still testing this part out and still trying to figure out how to actually record.. but that's another matter.

    Worked on the Solaris for me. Hope this helps anyone else out there that may

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