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Thread: How I fixed my iLink 210 remote failure

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    Default How I fixed my iLink 210 remote failure

    I had a problem where I got a Brand New iLink 210hdmi and right out of the box the remote wouldnt not respond. I was unable to navigate or select anything upon first initial boot of the ilink... bummed out thinkin I bought a DOA unit, i decided to open it up and found the problem.. the IR module that plugs into the motherboard wasnt fastened all the way, so i refastened it and now works

    Step 1. Remove all screws (total of 5... one on each side of unit and 3 on the back)

    Step 2. Once all 5 screws have been removed, take off the top cover... you should be left with this:
    (note: this is the unit with the front facing forward)


    As you can see there are 3 plugs that plug into the motherboard.. The power on ther far left, The white with black stripe which is the connection for the front USB on the ilink and lastly, the multi-blue design which is the display/IR connection.


    Above is a picture of what the IR plug looked like on my iLink.. as you can see it wasnt Plugged in all the way.. SO i plugged it in and heard a click.


    This is how the plug should look when its properly fastened.

    This was the cause of my remote not responding.. maybe its just a batch that was sent out that wasnt properly quality controlled? Whatever the reason, hopefully your problem is the same since its a simple fix. Oh and BTW, while your in there might as well make sure all 3 plugs are properly plugged in Hope this helps

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