How to Get Rid of Ants in Drains

Ants are a serious pest that can be very difficult to eradicate. They can slip through any crack in your house in search of a tiny spill or scrap of food, then bring all of their friends back to feast. Killing ants after they come in is always a losing proposition, and tracking them to their source is still quite difficult. In addition, ants can even live in your drains, pouring out of them in search of food and warmth.

So what can be done against such a resilient pest? Fortunately, ant infestations can be eradicated, even if they are in a hard-to-reach area like a drain. There are many strategies you can use to do this. Here are some instructions on how to get rid of ants in your drains.
Step 1 - Set Up

Before you begin, you will need to select a bug spray, and figure out where to apply it.
There are many options for spraying ants. Most bug sprays are relatively safe, but some are less harsh than others, and some are biodegradable. If this is a concern, keep your eyes open and review all of your options before making your choice.
After you have decided on a spray, you will need to track down the source of the ants. You can usually follow a line of ants between what they are eating and their entrance, but sometimes you will just need to spend some time hunting.
Step 2 - Spray

Open all of your nearby windows for ventilation. Spray directly into and around the drain in which the ants have made their home. If they can't get past your drain, they won't enter your house, and will eventually give up on eating your food and using your space.
Step 3 - Finish Up

You can spray individual ants that are already in your house, but your goal is prevention. Hit any areas used by ants, including whatever substance attracted them, the area they travel through, and the drains they are coming out of. Your goal is to keep wandering ants from reporting back home to bring their friends.
Step 4 - Prevent Future Problems

You are much better off trying to prevent ants from entering your home than you are trying to kick them out once they make it inside. Now that your home is free of ants, you should look at preventative measures you can take to keep the ants from returning.
The most important thing to avoid is giving ants a reason to want to enter your house in the first place. If you spill food, especially anything sugary like syrup or juice, clean it up immediately. Additionally, you should keep all containers of food tightly closed. If ants do not detect anything to eat, they will not enter your house, especially not in large numbers.
In addition to spills and food storage, you should also think about garbage. It is important to seal garbage and remove it regularly.
In the process of doing all of this, you should figure out what attracted the ants originally and make sure that you solve this problem, whatever it may be.