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Thread: Help with IP setup on Nano 2

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    Default Help with IP setup on Nano 2

    I am running my nano 2 through my laptop as i am using my neighbors internet, the issue is that my nano doesn't seem to be able to get the IP and it also says that i am "off service". I have tried turning off my firewalls, 2 different Lan cables. Also did a factory recovery. and still nothing . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    OS-Win Vista home premium
    McAfee Total protection
    Bridged Connection doesn't show any conflicts.

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    Default Re: Help with IP setup on Nano 2

    Roger..... go to youtube.... type in "use laptop as wireless router" ..... then, when you have completed that process, start the full setup for your cnx.....

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    Default Re: Help with IP setup on Nano 2

    I think the nano is down atm but when its up here are some instructions of bridging your internet connection with a laptop using windows vista

    • Connect the Ethernet cable to your laptop and your stb
    • Make sure you have DHPC settings or Auto IP settings selected
    • Go into network
    • Select network and sharing center from the top tab
    • Here you should see your local area connection which is the stb and your wireless connection which is to the router.
    • Highlight both of those connections and right click
    • Select bridge connections

    **Please note that this doesn’t work on the windows starter versions (the ones that come already loaded on to the computer) You will need a purchased version of a minimum windows home basic
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    Default Re: Help with IP setup on Nano 2

    how do you get the internet in your house ... only with the laptop or are u using something else first then going to the laptop?

    it is called ICS .. "internet connection sharing" ...

    Since this is a NETWORKING issue ...
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